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Rancho Antrialgo: Who We Are

Rancho AntrialgoRancho Antrialgo was recently featured in the January/February 2008 issue of Turkey Call, The Magazine of the Wild Turkey Association (to view the linked document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader). Be sure not to miss the "Q&A Close Up" and the article by Eddie J. Briggs entitled, "Sierra Fria."

Rancho Antrialgo is located in Sierra Fria, west of the state of Aguascalientes in central Mexico. Sierra Fria is part of Western Sierra Madre, with an altitude of 8,000 ft. above sea level. It has three different landscapes: prairies, oak, and pine forests.

You can find different species, such as Gould's Turkey, Coues'i, White Tail Deer, Texas White Tail, and Mountain Lion to name a few.

Rancho Antrialgo has the best hunting services: experienced guides, easy access and transportation to the hunting areas, one-to-one guides, and professionalism in handling of your trophies. The best facilities are also offered, which include spacious, comfortable with bathrooms to accomodate couples or groups of up to 8 hunters. A restaurant is also located on the property with the best chef in the area, a nice atmosphere and a great cantina stocked with Corona beer and Tequila.

Rancho Antrialgo also has an enormous playroom with bar, pool table, Sky T.V., comfortable chairs, and sofas in the library. If you feel like relaxing, outstanding sightseeing can be experienced from a comfortable view point.